Pest Control Services

Please click on each type of pest control service for more information and prices

Rodent Control

Rodent Control is charged at £50 for the first visit and £30 for any additional visits to top up bait boxes and to check for rodent activity etc.

Bed Bugs and Fleas

Bed bugs and fleas are charged  per room depending on size and number of rooms to be treated.

Clothes Moths and Carpet Beetles

Clothes moths and carpet beetles are charged at £75-£350 all according on how many rooms there are to be treated and what size the rooms are.

Stored Product Insects, Beetles and Moths

Prices vary depending on what pest is present and where the pests are situated. The best course of action is to give the pest hunter a ring on the above contact numbers and we can arrange a visit to discuss the best treatment to use for the pests that are present and what it will cost.

Wasp Control

Wasp control is charged from £50 within a 10 mile radios of Minchinhampton any other areas may be slightly higher depending on distance to travel. Any additional nests on site can be treated at a lower cost but only after being agreed by the occupant of the property. Hornet & large wasp nests prices will be slightly higher due them being more expensive to treat. Wasp nests are usually a lot bigger by the end of august so prices will increase slightly at around this time.

All other insect control: ants, cockroaches, flies, silverfish etc.

prices vary depending what pests are present how big the problem is and where the problem is situated. Call the pest hunter on the above numbers to arrange a free visit to discuss the best course of action and an instant quote can be given at the same time.

Mole Trapping

Mole trapping is charged at £25 per hour plus £15 per return visits to check traps etc usually only one or two visits is needed.

Mole and Rabbit gassing

Mole and rabbit gassing is charged at £25 per hour plus £40 per flask of gassing pellets.

Bird Control Shooting

Bird control shooting is charged at £50 per session 2-3 hours. We do not charge extra for ammunition used.

Rabbit Shooting

Rabbit shooting is charged at £50 per session usually a 2-3 hour session. We do not charge extra for ammunition used.

Squirrel Control

Squirrel control is charged at £50 for the first visit to set up traps. There will also be a cost per day for humanely dispatching trapped squirrels and resetting traps. Daily fee £20 for two visits (morning and night).

Wildlife Control: Foxes, Mink, Deer, Wild Boar etc.

Please phone for more details on 01453 883 849.